Gravity Forms tabbing issues

A common issue people experience with Gravity Forms is related to tabbing from one input to another. Especially when multiple forms are displayed on a page. The issue here is…

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Google Pagespeed score for Wordpress with default theme

Twenty Seventeen and PageSpeed

When I chose to venture back to the WordPress default theme, one of my worries was about my Google PageSpeed score. I had to take a serious hit, right? Spoiler,…

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Tesla Autopilot

How to see if a Tesla has AP

I see people ask about this a lot. How can you know if a car has Autopilot hardware, and if it does, what version? Even then the question remains, has…

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Understanding the user of defaults

When I first started to develop WordPress sites, I came across an issue. I had never used WordPress like my customers did. Developers and users usually don’t see things the…

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Towing a caravan with a Tesla Model X

This summer we decided to do a little experiment. Drive through Europe with our Model X while towing a caravan. This journey took us through Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria…

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The Tesla Referral Program 2019

Update: The referral program is coming to an end, Febuary 1st. To qualify for 6 months of free supercharging, use a referral code before this date at the purchase of…

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