Review: Satechi Dock5

A few years ago, I invested in the Satechi 108W PRO USB-C PD Desktop Charger, which served its purpose well for quite some time. However, as the device collection in our home expanded and my need for organization grew, I decided to give the Satechi Dock5 a try.

The Satechi 108W Desktop Charger had provided me with a reliable solution to charge multiple devices at once, and was the our go to solution for charing the family’s devices – be it iPhones, Apple watches, iPads, etc. With two USB-C PD ports and two USB-A ports, it offered a decent range of charging options. The 108W total output also allowed it to replace my MacBook charger when going away on trips while also providing a central charging hub.

However, as more Apple watches, Airpods and power banks enter the household, I found myself needing a more efficient way to organize and charge the devices – and most of all, I started to dislike the constant cable clutter. The Satechi 108W PRO charger lacked any built-in organization features, and wireless charging wasn’t an option.

Enter, the Satechi Dock5. The Satechi Dock5 has been a game-changer when it comes to organizing and charging my devices. With two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, and a Qi wireless charging pad, it offers similar yet versatile charging experience for a wide range of devices.

The built-in device slots on the Dock5 have made a world of difference in keeping my charging area neat and clutter-free – doing the same job, with a lot lett space. This feature, combined with the wireless charging pad, sets the Dock5 apart from the Satechi 108W PRO charger. Combined with a few short usb cables it has been an effective way of eliminating the clutter.

Comparison and decision-making When it came to choosing between the Satechi Dock5 and the 108W PRO USB-C PD Desktop Charger, I took the following factors into consideration:

Organization: The Dock5’s built-in device slots provide a clutter-free charging experience, which the 108W PRO charger couldn’t offer. Especiall

Wireless charging: The Dock5’s Qi wireless charging pad was a nice advantage, making it easy to charge my Qi-compatible devices without any cables.

Charging capacity: While the 108W PRO charger had a higher total output, the Dock5 still provided enough power to charge all my devices in a practical way

Design: The Dock5 has a more subtle, yet appealing design. Which also will take a lot less space when loaded up with devices, compared to have devices scattered around with cables cables.

In the end, the Dock5’s superior organization features and wireless charging capabilities outweighed the higher total output of the Satechi 108W PRO charger. Because for the devices we would usually charge there, the highest wattage wasn’t really required, at all. If really required, it could still charge a MacBook overnight.

Worth the upgrade? Having used the Satechi Dock5 for some time now, I can say it has been a worthwhile upgrade from the Satechi 108W Desktop Charger. The organization features and wireless charging pad have made a significant difference in my daily routine. If you’re looking for a sleek, organized, and efficient charging solution, I highly recommend giving the Satechi Dock5 a try. But I do feel like we would have been ready for a usb-c only version.

The Desktop Charger is now used on my desk, and powers a few chargers there. Meanwhile, when going on trips, it job has mostly been replaced by the Satechi Quatro Power Bank and my 140W MacBook charger. Meanwhile, the Dock5 makes sure daily charging is easy and clutter free.

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