Hello! My name is Thomas Bensmann
and I'm a developer

I’m crazy about two things, technology and nature. When those two are combined, it’s magic!

I work as a CTO at Nettmaker, based in Oslo, Norway. We primarily do web stuff – mostly based on WordPress. Here I strive to help our clients achieve their goals online!

These days my time is spent on web development, fitness and rambling about technology. If you want to reach out to me about any of the above, follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

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Review: Ecovacs Goat G1

The essence of smart home/gardening technology is to simplify your life, not complicate it. With the recent arrival of robot mowers that don’t require a border wire, I finally felt…

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Review: Arc Browser

Arc is a new player in the browser field, crafted by the New York-based Browser Company. The company positions Arc as a tool that makes browsing the Internet more calm,…

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Review: Aqara FP2 Presence Sensor

Finding the right presence detection sensor for your home automation system can be a challenge, especially when it comes to scenarios where detecting movement becomes difficult. An example of this…

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