Hello! My name is Thomas Bensmann
and I'm a developer

I’m crazy about two things, technology and nature. When those two are combined, it’s magic!

I work as a CTO at Nettmaker, based in Oslo, Norway. We primarily do web stuff – mostly based on WordPress. Here I strive to help our clients achieve their goals online!

These days my time is spent on web development, fitness and rambling about technology. If you want to reach out to me about any of the above, follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

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Review: Sensibo Air

Ever since we decided to get a heat pump in our house, I had my mind set on getting a Sensibo Sky. This is a device that makes your heat…

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Serving WordPress with Caddy 2

I’ve been using Nginx for about a decade, and beyond using Varnish every now and then I haven’t really had the need to use anything else. Well, recently I started…

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Xiaomi SmartFan 2S

Review: Xiaomi SmartFan S2 / 3

Let me start off by saying that I in general haven’t been all that interested in making everything in my house “smart”. There are several reasons for this, where the…

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