Hello! My name is Thomas Bensmann
and I'm a developer

I’m crazy about two things, technology and nature. When those two are combined, it’s magic!

I work as a CTO at Nettmaker, based in Oslo, Norway. We primarily do web stuff – mostly based on WordPress. Here I strive to help our clients achieve their goals online!

These days my time is spent on web development, CrossFit and rambling about Tesla (or any other of Elon’s crazy plans). If you want to reach out to me about any of the above, follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

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Hammock Camping

I recently bought a hammock, and thought that I’d try going hammock camping. So I packed my backpack and headed into the woods. Here are some of my thoughts after…

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Internationalising date strings in Craft

When working with Craft CMS and translating strings, you might need to translate dates as well. After all, countries format these differently. For example, while the US often uses "month…

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Overnight Oats

Let’s get straight to the point, I’m terrible at breakfast. It’s always been way to easy for me to just skip it and not eat anything until lunch. Not exactly…

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ACF lazy load Select options

Advanced Custom Fields is used a lot by WordPress developers, and it comes with a lot of handy fields. It's also very developer friendly, for example giving the ability to…

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Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y Expectations

Tesla is still working hard on it’s first mass market car, namely the Tesla Model 3. For a long time though, we have known that Tesla has also planned a…

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