Tesla Summon Emergency Stop

TL;DR While using Summon via the app, pressing any button on the key fob will stop the car faster due to less latency. The Summon feature that comes with AutoPilot equipped…

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Tesla Model Y Expectations

Tesla is still working hard on it’s first mass market car, namely the Tesla Model 3. For a long time though, we have known that Tesla has also planned a…

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Tesla Model X

7 reasons owning a Tesla is awesome

Plenty of people today still have their reservation about buying an electric car. So, after having driven exclusively electric for the last two years, why is it that I think…

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Gravity Forms tabbing issues

A common issue people experience with Gravity Forms is related to tabbing from one input to another. Especially when multiple forms are displayed on a page. The issue here is…

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Google Pagespeed score for Wordpress with default theme

Twenty Seventeen and PageSpeed

When I chose to venture back to the WordPress default theme, one of my worries was about my Google PageSpeed score. I had to take a serious hit, right? Spoiler,…

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Tesla Autopilot

How to see if a Tesla has AP

I see people ask about this a lot. How can you know if a car has Autopilot hardware, and if it does, what version? Even then the question remains, has…

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