Towing with a Tesla Model X

This summer we decided to do a little experiment. Drive through Europe with our Model X while towing a caravan. This journey took us through Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria and back again for a total distance of more than 6.000 km (3700+ miles).

On this trip we got a lot of surprised looks, a ton of questions and met loads of nice people from all kinds of places. At Superchargers, campsites, the local stores, on the street, basically everywhere… many who spotted us by the car wondered what it was like. Since a lot of people asked the same questions, I thought I would answer them below for anyone else wondering.

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Tesla App for Mac

One of the great things about owning a Tesla is the fact that it in essence is a computer on wheels. With an API in place, this means that I can pull information from the car, just like the app does on your smartphone. It took me less than a day after taking delivery of my car before I had made my first scripts using the API, and now my OS X app project is starting to take shape.

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