Tesla Model X

7 reasons owning a Tesla is awesome

Plenty of people today still have their reservation about buying an electric car. So, after having driven exclusively electric for the last two years, why is it that I think Teslas are awesome and wouldn’t even consider going back?

1. It’s a computer on wheels

I came from a new german-manufactured car when we bought our Model S, and boy did it feel ancient overnight! Even though the Model S interior has been fundamentally unchanged since 2012, it’s still basically unmatched in this aspect. The infotainment cluster, the center display … it gives you your first clue that this is a computer on wheels. I won’t even start about the apps, API’s and all that…

2. Best winter car ever

This is an important one for me since winters in Norway basically last half of the year. I’m not just talking about the great dual motor all-wheel drive option. Mostly it’s the powerful cabin heating that can be used to remotely pre-heat your car, it’s absolutely great. Just to give a sense of it I never leave the house in more than a t-shirt basically.

Snow collects on the back of the Model S
Picking up some snow on my way back home

3. Start out with a full tank every day

Having driven EVs so much, range is basically an afterthought. The first year I drove our Model S for about 50.000km (31.000 miles) and range was never an issue. But oh, was I glad I didn’t have to stand outside refuelling my car in the freezing cold every Monday morning!

4.  Over the air updates

Just like your smartphone, your car will get new functionality over time through software updates. This means that your car only gets better over time. The user interface on our Model S was improved drastically from one day to another as an update had been installed that evening. So much potential, just an update away.

5. Supercharging

Many still think that an EV will be a problem in terms of range. Unsurprisingly I don’t find this to be an issue, we even drove through Europe towing a caravan with our Model X earlier this year. Personally I believe that the future lies more in faster charger, rather than bigger batteries. When going on road trips I need break every now and then, and thats where supercharging comes in. The time we spend when we take a quick stop is usually plenty for us to get the charge we need – you know, when we’re not towing a caravan. Besides, who wants to pay that much for something you only need 1-2% of the year?

Getting juiced up

6. Ridiculous performance

I know most people think you need a P100D with ludicrous mode or something, but even the base models have so much kick your passengers might be begging for you to turn on chill mode (yes, that’s a thing!). Also, let’s not forget these are family cars, the performance you see is just crazy – but hey, like Elon Musk said “we don’t make slow cars”.

7. Autopilot

After getting our Model S I quickly understood I wasn’t going to buy another internal combustion engine car again. When AutoPilot was activated shortly after I had another one of these moments. No car without AutoPilot ever again. Sure, I like driving as much as the next guy, but there is little joy to be found in 80% of the daily commute, so I let AP take care of that! And I still stand by this, even though AP progress earlier this year has been somewhat disappointing. When it works, it works like magic!

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How do you feel about Tesla’s, make sure to let me know in the comments below!

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