Internationalising date strings in Craft

When working with Craft CMS and translating strings, you might need to translate dates as well. After all, countries format these differently. For example, while the US often uses "month day year" we in Norway use "day month year". Other differences can be wether they use dashes, slashes or just completely different date formatting all together. In any case, dates need to be translated as well.

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ACF lazy load Select options

Advanced Custom Fields is used a lot by WordPress developers, and it comes with a lot of handy fields. It's also very developer friendly, for example giving the ability to populate a select field through filters. But in some cases you may have a crazy amount of options/choices to populate it with. I recently had this happen on a project, there were about 10.000 options that were loaded from a JSON file.

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Tesla Summon Emergency Stop

TL;DR While using Summon via the app, pressing any button on the key fob will stop the car faster due to less latency.

The Summon feature that comes with AutoPilot equipped Tesla’s is pretty great when you need to park in a tight stop. It allows the car to park itself in garage, and to move it forward and backward while standing outside it. In the US they can do this with the buttons on the car key fob. However, outside the US we are limited to the iOS and Android app.

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