The Tesla Referral Program 2017

Tesla certainly does things differently. One thing that really puts this into perspective is the Referral Program. This program allows Tesla owners to refer others, and give perks to both potential byers and owners. It is such an awesome way of incentivising word of mouth marketing through satisfied customers, rather than paying for expensive Super Bowl ads!

Use a referral link for free supercharging

When using a referral in 2017, you will get free Supercharging included in the purchase of a new Tesla Model X or Model S.

Buying a new Tesla? Use my referral link below for free unlimited Supercharging at the purchase of your new Model S or X.Use referral link

If you for example are buying a CPO or inventory car, you can use a referral code by telling Tesla which referral you want to use. If you want to use my code for example, you use thomasmatheus5153

What do owners get for referring buyers?

This changes each for each round of the referral program. Currently for example, if you manage to refer 3 buyers, you earn a set of unique 21″ rims – how cool is that? You can find the current list at on Tesla’s support referral program page.

Tesla Referral code

As a Tesla owner, you can find your referral code on your mytesla page. There you can also keep track of who used your code, and earlier referral rounds.