The Tesla Model S changed my commute, significantly!

The day before new-year I picked up my new Tesla Model S 70D, Deep Blue, at Tesla Drammen. It was going to be the first time that I drove a Tesla, but I already knew that it would change my everyday driving experiences. Let’s just say, I haven’t been disappointed.

A typical morning, I slowly come out of the heavy fog of my sleep as I start to hear my phone’s alarm clock ringing. It’s 05:30, and time to start the car’s pre-conditioning. My iPhone has learned, and it even suggests, that I open the Tesla app first thing in the morning by showing the icon on the lock screen.

Around 06:00 I walk out and lock the door, while the car handles in the background automatically present themselves. Using the remote I open the trunk, dump in my gym bag, and get in the driver seat. Unlike my previous car, that actually would be pre-heated as well, this car feels warm all the way through. That’s impressive, especially given the temperatures down to -25°C that we had the past weeks. You see, I never wear a sweater or a jacket in the car, just a shirt or t-shirt.

As I start my 50km (each way) commute, there is no other sound then the crunching of snow under the tires. The steep and slippery part of the driveway poses no threat for the 4×4 system of Tesla’s dual motor. I start rolling down the road, regenerating energy on my way to the main roads.

It only takes a couple of minutes before I hit the highway and enable the traffic aware cruise control (TACC) by pulling a handle. The car har recognised the speed limits and automatically suggested this as the speed for the TACC. I consider the conditions, look at the amount of snow on the road, and enable autopilot. Taking into considerations that it’s dark outside, snow intermittently covers the lines of the road as well as the loads of water and snow spraying up from the tarmac and cars in front, I’m impressed that I can use it at all.

Having driven around a lot with Autopilot I quickly learned what variables to look out for. Mostly though, I sit back and relax as the car drives me to work. It’s early, and I greatly appreciate that for about 80-90% of my commute, the car does the driving. Especially in the heavy traffic on the way, smoothly handling speed and lane changes. Any annoyance that comes with slow traffic, and the constant changing speeds are almost completely eliminated, you just don’t think about it.

It’s not often I see a video by a company like that and think to myself, yeah, that’s pretty much how it feels. This one does, it’s exactly how it feels. Great job, Tesla.

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