Gravity Forms tabbing issues

A common issue people experience with Gravity Forms is related to tabbing from one input to another. Especially when multiple forms are displayed on a page. The issue here is that it adds a tabindex attribute to all input elements.

Tabindex in Gravity Froms

The tabindex attribute tells the browser which input the cursor should move to when the user hits the tab key. In their documentation they even say that “Gravity Forms assumes its tabindex values, and you can have overlap. You need to change the tabindex on your forms so that they work as expected”. So, unless you specify the tabindex for the form, you might end up jumping back and forth between forms or other parts of your site.

The solution

Luckily theres an easy fix, removing the tabindex. This way the browser will move to the next input element it finds. One of the plugins that does this is WCAG 2.0 form fields for Gravity Forms. It also improves accessibility so you probably should use it anyway.

Or you can add the following code to your theme.

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