About me

Hi, and thanks for checking out my site! I’m Thomas, I work as a web developer and live in Norway just outside of Oslo.

If you meet me in person you will quickly find me talking about one of 3 things – technology, sustainability and creativity. If I’m getting really passionate it’s probably because it’s hitting all of these categories.

If there is one thing I really enjoy it’s problem solving. This is how I got into programming and design in the first place – which was meant to be a hobby but ended up becoming a career. Today I’m a CTO, spending most of my time on WordPress and hosting.

You can contact me on Twitter or via email at [email protected].

Technology, Sustainability and Creativity

Our climate

I’m originally from the Netherlands, but have now spent the majority of my life in Norway. It’s a truly beautiful country with so much untouched nature – that has really made me appreciate the wonders of this earth.

I am used to living a few meters from the forest, or a short ride from a beautiful hike. With that, a feeling of responsibility has grown over the years, to make decisions and sometimes sacrifices needed to keep our planet in it’s delicate balance.

Driving electric

In late 2015 I got the opportunity to buy the car of my dreams. A Tesla Model S, the vision of a man who wants to transition us to a more sustainable future in transportation. Now let’s not pretend I bought this car just to save the planet, for me it simply was the best car – and the Norwegian EV incentives made it possible for me to own one.

Since then, our household’s main means of transportation has been pure electric. A computer on wheels. I also became truly excited about the future of self driving cars (in no small part thanks to AutoPilot). We even took a 6000km road trips with a Tesla Model X pulling a caravan in the summer of 2017!

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And so, my view of what I want in a car has changed a lot from my experiences – and I have been incredibly fortunate to be experiencing it first hand! If you are considering getting a Tesla, feel free to reach out for a quick chat!

Plant based diet

TL;DR; I eat plant based; no meat, dairy and eggs. Works well for me even though while working out 7+ times a week.

After a couple of years doing CrossFit I had decided to try the Paleo diet, and see how it effected my body.  I enjoy doing these types of experiments, checking out real life results – rather than relying on a gut feeling.

At the time, one of my colleagues at work was a proper vegan and we had many interesting talks about the subject over lunch for a long time. A year had passed with the Paleo diet, and I decided it was time to try another experiment and compare notes.

I cut out meat, dairy and eggs from just about everything after that. This was a big transition from eating eggs and bacon for breakfast several times a week, but not a difficult one. Cutting out the cheese on my pizza actually was the most difficult part. The question remained though, would it be good enough, since I worked out 5-7 times a week.

In the beginning I wasn’t all that strict, allowing myself to eat meat at social occasions, but that soon faded as well. Now I haven’t eaten meat since 2016..

The experiment was to find out if it worked for me with the amount of physical activity I had. I continued to become stronger, faster and set PRs – and I felt great! For now I have no plans on going back.

I'm a webdeveloper based in Oslo, Norway. I currently work with web development at Nettmaker.

I would like to change the world, but they won't give me the source…