Tesla tip – fully open trunk only

On the Tesla Model X, the Falcon Wing doors added some sensors to the car to prevent the doors from slamming into ceilings and such. The trunk uses the same sensors. In my case however, it created a unique situation.

In our carport the doors are only a couple of cm / inches away from hitting the beams. If I parked the car with high suspension, it would probably hit them (fun fact: they usually open up higher the second time). However, my trunk has enough height to open fully, always. I therefore wished that I had a way to allow it to open fully, while only opening the doors partly. Currently though it would only open half way, and I would have to push it open manually. Recently I figured out that there is a workaround.

Word of caution; This is not the solution you are hoping for, but it might just be a compromise you can actually live with. Here it goes:

1. Always open fully at this location

We have to mark the current location as a place where the doors always open fully. You don’t have to do this exactly in your garage, the car tags the area through GPS so just do it nearby. Like, right outside – don’t damage your car!

What to do: Open the door controls on the touch screen. Then open one of the Falcon Wing doors, fully, and choose the option that appears “Always open fully at this location“.

2. Set low “Falcon Door height”

Go to Settings, open the Doors & Locks tab and set the Falcon Door Height toggle to Low. Any time you open the Falcon Wing doors from now on, it will open in the low mode.


What happens now is, the Falcon Wing doors will now only open partly, even though the “Always open fully at this location” has been marked. The trunk on the other hand still opens all the way. Makes absolutely no sense, but it works.

Drawback; Opening the doors

The drawback is that the Falcon Wing doors now always open in the low mode when using the fob. However, on the touchscreen it will still allow you to open them fully directly, since it gives you two options. Open partially and open fully. This will work anywhere for me except the locations I have marked as “Always open fully at this location“. And that, certainly doesn’t make any sense!!

“But I only want this at one location”

Hey, I hear you, believe me. It is such a simple problem, and the Model S even has a solution for it. But for some reason, this is the best we can do currently.

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