Tesla Priority Access to Vehicle Software Updates

Back when Tesla still had the referral program (yeah, they scrapped it) I got the award that gave me “Priority Access to Vehicle Software Updates”. This in itself is an interesting award, but it’s hard to know what it actually does for you. It should not be confused with the “Early Access Program”, where certain owners run release candidate versions.

If you have Priority Access, let me know about your experiences in comment section below!

Now, mind you that I live in Norway, and we have seen several times how USA was prioritised, but in theory I would now get updates “early”. Obviously this won’t always be the case every time no matter what, just because some critical fixed will be pushed as fast as possible to the whole fleet.

In this post I will track when I get updates on our Tesla Model X (AP2.0), and see if there is any real advantage to this. Time will tell.


2019, Febuary 22

2019, Febuary 20
2019.4.2 – blind spot warning

2019, Febuary 16

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